Carina Young, MS

Education: Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University; currently working towards LPC

Areas of experience/specialty: ADHD, anxiety, stress management, trauma, self-esteem, and working with adolescents

Previous experience/position: Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) working with children and clients with autism; Life Skills Counselor working with homeless young adults, ages 18-24

Approach to counseling: “I take a goal-oriented approach to counseling which emphasizes the importance of psychoeducation to help clients better understand their experiences. This approach often helps to: reduce shame related to symptoms, increase client awareness, and change maladaptive behaviors. I do my best to explain the how and why behind the interventions, so the client is aware of the new neural pathways they are creating; in turn, this tends to help keep clients motivated. While I am a goal-oriented therapist, I also work to meet the client where they are currently and make adjustments to help the client get their needs met. In addition to this goal-oriented approach, I like to utilize humor, emphasize the mind-body connection, and work to help client’s increase mindfulness and the ability to self-advocate.”

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