Kayla Rak, MA

Education: Master of Arts Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Areas of experience/specialty: In my previous work experience I have worked with pre-school aged children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Using ABA techniques, I assisted children in finding helpful coping skills, comfort in socializing with their peers, development of play skills, and tolerance to complete tasks and participate in classroom activities. Over my internship experience at Haven House, I have worked with adult clients with varying concerns or diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, self-esteem, and stress.

Previous experience/positions: Behavioral Health Technician Pennsylvania Mentor, Intern at Haven House

Approach to counseling: My approach to counseling is to develop a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship with each client so that clients may feel comfortable in sharing and exploring their needs to heal and grow. I like to operate from a client centered framework in order to give clients the space to express themselves and direct their treatment in ways they feel is best for their health and progress. If a client is experiencing irrational thought processes or engaging in behaviors they find problematic, I like to incorporate techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to guide the client in overcoming these obstacles.

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