Stacy Rapp, M.A.

Education: M.A. Counseling – Missio Seminary, B.A. Commucations – Messiah University

Areas of experience/specialty: Young adult men and women working toward independence and processing family systems.  Grief, trauma, challenging core beliefs. DV and IPV population, working to restore self-trust, autonomy, and voice.

Previous experience/position: Previous work with women in our coming out of DV and IPV situations, children and adolescents working through anxiety and emotional regulation, young adults processing family of origin dynamics to reset their minds for adulthood.  

Approach to counseling: We are mind, body, and spirit and any one area is no more important than another; rather we are one person comprised of many parts.  A bio-social-spiritual assessment helps us see where the client is and where they would like to go.  You drive the bus; I’ll keep watch on the gps and let you know where the dangers are marked.  I utilize a person-centered approach, building a CBT and DBT tool base, coupled with somatic exercises for nervous system regulation.  

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