Mental Health Services

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services utilizes a strengths based approach to care for the individual impacted by mental illness. The compassion we have for our clients helps to empower and further connect them within their community. With the range of person-centered services provided in the same building, we are able to collaborate with our staff of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, therapists and nurses when it comes to treatment.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

We provide psychiatric rehabilitation care services to individuals, age 18 yrs and up, suffering from severe and/or chronic mental illness. Our skills based program focuses on assisting individuals with work towards their individualized recovery goals through group activities. To achieve true rehabilitation in our clients, we focus on the five domains of psychiatric rehabilitation (living, learning, socializing, self-maintenance and working).

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Wellness Recovery Team

Our Wellness Recovery Team specializes in caring for adults, 18 yrs. and up, with a SPMI or Serious & Persistent Mental Illness that is co-occurring with chronic physical illness and/or substance abuse disorders. It’s our goal to understand our clients and their unique needs.

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Meeting in groups, whether a support based or therapeutic focus, allows participating individuals to strengthen emotional skills, including relationship skills, provide a ‘safe’ space to voice thoughts, lead to greater self-realization, and reduce isolation. The group can provide a sounding board to work and grow with.

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Community Outreach

We believe that mental health focused community outreach and collaboration with other partners is important to build a stronger organization, reduce stigma and raise understanding about mental illness, reach high risk populations who do not have access to services and utilize alternative and holistic resources to improve the quality of life for individuals and our community.

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