Outpatient Services utilizes a strengths-based approach to care for the individual impacted by mental illness. The compassion we have for our clients helps to empower and further connect them within their community.

With the range of person-centered services provided in the same building, we are able to collaborate with our staff of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, therapists, and nurses when it comes to treatment. Our outpatient services include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Management
  • Injectable medication – long-acting
  • Clozaril monitoring
  • Art therapy
  • Metabolic screening and education
  • Support groups

For more information or to register as a new client, contact us here.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, by appointment only

For support groups, contact KC at 610-433-6181 x506

1. What is the average wait time for an initial psychiatric evaluation with the doctor?

The scheduling for an appointment for the IPE can vary significantly, depending on many factors, including receiving a copy of the current medical records prior to the IPE. Initial Assessments with a therapist may be scheduled sooner.

2. What if I only want therapy? OR If I see the doctor, do I have to see a therapist?

We will help you to coordinate your scheduled appointments so that you stay on target with your services. These steps are an important part of providing you with quality mental health care.

Clients do not have to take medication or be involved in ongoing therapy to be seen by a doctor at Haven House unless otherwise recommended by the psychiatrist. Clients must be seen by our psychiatrist in order to have therapy.

3. Do I have to see a therapist at Haven House?

You do not have to see a therapist for weekly therapy if you see a psychiatrist here. However, all clients must complete a treatment plan with a mental health professional every 180 days to maintain services here.

4. Can I see a psychiatrist or a therapist at a different facility at the same time I am receiving services at Haven House?

You can receive only medication management at Haven House, but you still would have to complete a treatment plan with a mental health professional every 120 days. To see a therapist at our facility you must see one of our doctors for the IPE initial psychiatric evaluation and maintain a treatment plan update every 180 days.

Clinical Team

Alex Thomas, MD
Medical Director/Psychiatrist

Kimberly Garcia, DNP, CRNP
Enrique Lirag, MD


Katie Barrick, LSW

Ashley Bechtel, MSW

Alexis Bove, M. Ed

Yvonne Lettiere Boyer, MA, LPC

Jill Kaczmarek, LSW, CCTSI

KC Carpenter, LSW

Christy Cooper, MSW

Oluyomi (Yomi) Dada, MS

Briana Faulstick, LSW

Eugene Garmon, MS

Cheryl Garr, MA

Donald E. Graham, LCSW, DAPA

Elizabeth Haines, MS

Rikki Glantz, M. Ed

Cindy Malone, MA

Chantel Mayo, MS

Dinnette Medina, MFT

Jennifer Roberts, MS, LPC

Stanley Rollerson, MSW

Lauren Taggart, ATR-BC

Heather Tavares, MA

Edith Torres, MHS, ICAADC

Norm Williams, MA

Carina Young, MS

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