Psychiatric Rehabilitation

We provide psychiatric rehabilitation services to adults suffering from severe, persistent mental illness and individuals with co-occurring Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Through patience, encouragement, and reassurance, our staff is committed to giving our clients an opportunity to blossom into strong members of their community. Our clients are shown how to utilize their strengths while focusing on recovery and broadening their sense of wellbeing. We believe true rehabilitation for our clients comes from understanding the five domains of psychiatric rehabilitation (living, learning, socializing, self-maintenance and working).


Skills Training Case Management Social/Community Integration
  • Psychoeducational Groups
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Vocational Skill Classes
  • Independent Living Skills Classes
  • Art, Music & Gardening
  • Food Service Readiness
  • Strengths-Based Assessment
  • Member Safety Plans
  • Individual Rehabilitation Plans
  • Resource Awareness & Planning
  • Social Skills Training
  • Monthly Teambuilding Events
  • Guest Speakers
  • Animal Engagement
  • Community Outings


Our team of psychiatric rehabilitation professionals includes certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners (CPRP), masters-level clinicians and art therapists.

Through patience, encouragement, and reassurance, we help our clients achieve their goals. Our staff is committed to giving our clients an opportunity to blossom into strong members of their community.

Our skills-based program focuses on assisting individuals through group activities.


Adult residents of Northampton or Lehigh County with severe, persistent mental illness with Medical Assistance through Magellan Behavioral Health (Medicaid). A self-pay option is available. Referrals are accepted but not required.

Day Program

Our day program empowers clients to reach their individualized recovery goals through skill-building and resource management. The program runs Monday through Friday, 7:30-3:00pm, with breakfast, lunch and snacks provided throughout the day. Program attendance is flexible based on a client’s needs.

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For more information, or to begin the registration process, contact us here or call 484.387.1706.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (MPRS)

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services addresses the same domains and skills as the site-based program (living, learning, socializing, self-maintenance and working) but is offered in the comfort of the home and/or out in the community on a more individualized basis. For clients with severe, persistent mental health issues, becoming and remaining independent is an attainable goal, but yet an ongoing challenge.

Hours: Monday – Friday: day and evening hours are available, and some Saturdays.

For more information or to begin the registration process, contact us here or call 484.387.1706.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We can support individuals with a severe, persistent mental illness and co-occurring ASD. Psychiatric Rehabilitation can help successfully integrate young adults with ASD in the community through skills teaching. As a strengths-based service provider, we collaborate with the individual with ASD and their circle of care to develop a plan. Adult living skills are taught, and natural supports and resources are strengthened.

We focus on helping young adults transition from school to their adult life and pursuits (i.e., college, vocation, volunteer opportunities, etc.,) and helping older adults adapt to their desired community setting to maximize their strengths and functioning.

Program offers several benefits to persons diagnosed with co-occurring Autism including:

  • Social skill building (role modeling, boundary education, conversational skills training, social contact, and discrete trial training) and access to support groups.
  • Routine day scheduling in the mornings and daily reviews at the end of program to create structure for activities and goals.
  • Simulated work environments which allow for members to gain familiarity with work settings and working with others to accomplish job tasks.
  • Building of natural and formal support networks.


610.782.3127 (Lehigh)

610.252.9060 (Northampton)

988 (nationwide)

1. When are you open?

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Hours of Operation – Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 3:00pm

2. How do I become a member?
3. Is transportation provided?

No, PRS and MPRS do not provide transportation, however, we will help you apply for Lanta services. MPRS will assist individuals with learning how to use public transportation.

4. Do I need to be a Haven House Outpatient client to attend PRS/MPRS?

No. As long as you are receiving psychiatric services from any doctor, you can be referred to the PRS or MPRS programs. If you would like, you can become an Outpatient client also and see a doctor and/or therapist here, but it is not required.

5. Can I receive Mobile PRS and site-based PRS services at the same time?

No, you can only be registered in one of these services at a time.

6. Are meals provided?

Yes, the site-based PRS program offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day free of charge.

7. What will I work on in the program?

You will make your own goals with help from the Haven House caseworker based on the 5 domains of psychiatric rehabilitation including living independently, learning, working, social, and self-maintenance.

8. Do I have to come to program every day and/or stay all day?

No, you are able to have flexibility with your schedule based on your needs; however, we ask you to attend at least one day weekly for continuity of psychiatric rehabilitation.

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