Wellness Recovery Team

Our Wellness Recovery Team specializes in caring for adults, 18 yrs. and up, with a SPMI or Serious & Persistent Mental Illness that is co-occurring with chronic physical illness and/or substance abuse disorders. It’s our goal to understand our clients and their unique needs. Our trained care providers will:

  • Manage the chronic illness
  • Target controllable lifestyle factors, i.e. obesity, nutrition, exercise
  • Create smoother continual care transitions
  • Facilitate increased communication among medical providers
  • Coordinate with physicians, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals to address medication concerns
  • Collaborate with insurance plans to facilitate increased access to care

Our personalized wellness plans include:

  • Weekly wellness groups
  • Regular appointments and monitoring of significant healthcare indicators such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars
  • Consistent communication with your primary care physicians, specialists, and behavioral health providers
  • Assistance and support during medical appointments as needed

All that we require is you must reside in Lehigh or Northampton County and receive medical assistance through Magellan Behavioral Health to be eligible for services.

Hours: Monday – Friday, by appointment only.

Contact us today if you have any questions or need additional information, contact us here.

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